Discovery of past physical or mental traumas causing us problems

Discovery of past physical or mental traumas causing us problemsImagine a man in the Midwest deciding to drive to sunny California. That is all that he has in mind, the sunny beaches of California. But his experience of the journey is one of going in circles, continually running out of gas, and freezing and he has no idea why these things are happening.

Subconsciously, he is holding the trauma of once having taken a quick left out of the driveway, almost striking a small child. So, whenever he has a choice, he turns right because taking a left fills him with anxiety from the trauma he is holding.

He has forgotten how mad he was at the oil industry over gas prices and has sworn to not buy gas at ridiculous prices. So, he constantly skips the prudent gas station deciding to get to a better one, and guess what, he keeps running out of gas.

He has totally forgotten the time he fell asleep in a car with the windows rolled up and nearly died of asphyxiation. Needless to say, he always leaves at least one window open regardless of the weather.