What Other People Say

"The interest in Johnny Seitz has been steadily increasing in the past two years at the University, and the workshops he ran provide an excellent focus of BioMechanics. Johnny presents a meaningful class with a variety of approaches and techniques intensively in a very short time. Johnny has an innate ability to present a class to students on an introductory level as well as those who are already well versed in a field. Mr. Seitz' influence has been deeply felt." -- Myra A. Mayman, Office for the Arts, Harvard & Radcliff

"I was referred to Johnny Seitz by word of mouth. Initially, I was interested in improving my road bicycle performance. I was astonished by Johnny's insight into the multitude of physical as well as emotional abnormalities I wasn't the slightest bit aware of, which were obvious to him. Although I feel that I have a long way to go, I am making dramatic changes and gaining control of parts of my body and mind that I haven't used for decades, all through Johnny's Body Type performance training.

I am a practicing medical doctor who is a lung specialist in Los Angeles and have been involved in taking care of patients with a variety of respiratory or breathing problems. With the knowledge I have gained on the proper use of the diaphragm and other breathing muscles for myself, I became interested in how these principles could be applied to my patients. Johnny and I are investigating the role of Johnny’s unique method of respiratory muscle training in patients suffering from emphysema
." --Ralph Potkin, M.D. Dr. Potkin, the Medical Director of the Beverly Hills Center for Hyperbaric Medicine.

"I have personally and professionally experienced many forms of physiotherapies and psychotherapies over the past twenty years and all have given myself and my patients varying results. I have found that Johnny¹s work is a more "lasered" approach which goes directly to the core." -- Dr. M. Adam Sheck, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"I recommend Johnny Seitz strongly." Marcel Marceau, 20th Century Most Famous Mime

"I know of no other method better for putting you in touch with your body, thus pointing the way toward health and fitness." Richard Pena Director, New York Film Festival

"To say that Johnny Seitz transformed my Yoga practice would be a big understatement. He transformed my life." Sebastien Gendry, Yoga Teacher