Rediscovering primary muscle recruitment patterns

Rediscovering primary muscle recruitment patternsThe human body is a perfectly designed stress management machine. It has number of what I call ‘primary muscle recruitment patterns’ that ideally are discovered in childhood to manage physical objects and are naturally later applied to managing stress in adult life. Unfortunately, not all of us discover these patterns living in an urban environment. Or, once discovered, they are not ratified by the parents. What I do is reconnect the different parts of the body to reaffirm or perhaps learn for the first time these natural full body muscle recruitment patterns.

Stress management

I teach individuals to develop strategies to manage stressful situations in their life by accessing the appropriate muscle recruitment patterns that give an individual powerful support.

Releasing stuck emotions in the body

We often hold emotions in the muscles of our bodies, the very muscles that were tensed up in the physical or the emotional situation of a past trauma. I have created techniques to use these muscles in such a way as to bring up and process the stuck emotions from the past.