Lessons our bodies are teaching us

Lessons our bodies are teaching usWhy were we given bodies that break, or fail us? For that matter, why were we given eyes that only fail us in old age? Why were we given ears that grow weak, beauty of youth that fades?

  • Our eyes are there to teach us to see each other so that when we get older we will not need great eyesight to really see the ones around us.
  • Our ears are there to teach us to really listen to others.
  • Our digestive system teaches us to take things in, keep the useful excrete the unnecessary,
  • Our breathing to constantly suck in the fullness of each moment and that we can never hold the passing moments.

I often tell my clients that each of us has a date tattooed on some hidden part of our bodies. This tattoo bears a date we will never be able to see for ourselves but it is already written and it is the return date upon which our bodies are due back at the comic library.

Our bodies were not ever given to us, only loaned to us and written in the use, understanding and rehabilitation of them are all the lessons we need to learn in order to be happy and fulfilled in life and beyond.

Learn the lessons of the body now; because the due date is ever approaching. And remember, we were never given our bodies to keep only to learn from them and to let go of them. The body always seeks health, healing and balance, all we have to learn to do is get out of the way and let our bodies teach us how to be healthy, healed and balanced. Our bodies are the written record of our lives, if you want to understand yourself better; all you need to do is find someone who can read what is written there to you.

The Body

There is an old story about a man who gave his child a puzzle made of a newspaper. The puzzle was of the Earth. In minutes, the child put it together perfectly. Pleasantly surprised, the father asked how he could do it so fast. The child responded that there was a picture of a man on the other side of the paper, and when you put the man together, the
world came together!

With Body / Mind Integration, the process of emotionally freeing yourself of "old baggage" (stored emotion) begins. The healing allows you to renew your contract with life, taking responsibility for your actions. Most of us have had experiences in our lives that have caused us pain or emotional trauma. Often that trauma still lives in our bodies years and years after the events that caused it.

Imagine getting really angry with your boss and really wanting to hit him or her. Of course you didn't, but imagine all those neuro-impulses that went to your arm and then were not released. They are probably still living there in the muscles of your arm, unreleased because you never allowed yourself t process the anger. What if the neuro-impulses were terror tightening your chest and freezing your breath? OK, that was 20 years ago, but are you still holding tension in you diaphragm or your intercostals? These are the feelings and tensions that can live in your muscles. Even though you may not realize it, you probably have a difficult time accessing appropriate use of that muscle, creating even more underlying tensions.


Once the blocks that keep your body from accessing certain emotionally loaded muscles are removed, the muscles reconnect. Once emotions that were locked up in the muscles are released, those muscles connect the body parts together. Once the head, the heart, the pelvis and the connection between you and your world is re-established, your body and your life begin to explode in really good ways. Once your mind stops telling your stomach that it needs to produce excess weight to make you less vulnerable, your desires with respect to food will shift permanently. Body / mind Integration is what you get when your head, your heart and your sexuality are connected to each other and to the Earth.


Personality is, in many ways, simply a description of how a person perceives, approaches and solves problems. These problem-solving mechanisms began the moment you faced the problem of getting to your feet as a child. You solved this problem by discovering and recruiting the muscles of the body to solve this problem. Your body created the recruitment patterns that it has today as a response to how you saw yourself and your world as a child. If you were cautious and methodical as a child, your body developed a cautious and methodical approach to life. When your body rediscovers itself through the Seitz method of BioTyping, your mind will begin to discover aspects of your personality that will initiate profound change in every area of your life.