Johnny Seitz is a personal trainer and a life coach. He runs a studio in Culver City, a part of Los Angeles, where he works with a wide variety of different individuals. With his unique understanding of the human potential Johnny transforms lives.

I come to what I do from a sort of different angle. I am an autistic adult and autistic people are often credited with being able to easily envision very complex systems more easily than normal people. I encapsulate extremely complex systems visually, in this case, human biomechanics.

Working with stroke survivors

It seems that, perhaps because of my autism, I am able to perceive messages, even tiny or unfocused ones, being sent by the brain to a muscle and I can guide the client to augment and to amplify these messages into actual controlled movements.

My Work With Stroke SurvivorsAddressing other issues

Other issues that I found needed to be addressed include the view that others close to the client hold the person as a disabled person. For example, with my work, one of my client’s was able to get to her feet under her own power, after 3 years of being immobilized in a wheelchair. We would do 3 sets of 5 “get ups” (get up from the wheel chair!) each day for 3 days and then her husband attended a session and she was unable to get to her feet even one time in his presence! Why? It would seem that their relationship had become centered around her needs as a disabled person and her psyche wasn’t ready to shift his relationship without addressing it in some fashion. Remember I said I was also a life coach? As a personal trainer it would not be my purview to address such issues as a couple’s relationship and their vision of each other. As a life coach, I do.

Connecting with natural inner resources

In my work I have always worked on helping people access, identify and connect with their own natural inner resources that are naturally in the human body. One’s inner resources help you move through life, coping with life’s stressors, adapting and strategizing in order to compensate for traumas both physical and emotional. Your inner resources help you to find your way when you are less comfortable than you would like to be.

Stress management

The human body is a perfectly designed stress management machine. I teach individuals to develop strategies to manage stressful situations in their life by accessing the appropriate muscle recruitment patterns that give an individual powerful support.

Releasing stuck emotions in the body

We often hold emotions in the muscles of our bodies, the very muscles that were tensed up in the physical or the emotional situation of a past trauma. I have created techniques to use these muscles in such a way as to bring up and process the stuck emotions from the past.

Chris SeitzChris Rials-Seitz is a Certified Master Sound Healer and Matrix Energetics Practitioner. Chris has studied shamanism first-handedly with indigenous elders from around the world and at Michael Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Chris has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology.

At Axis Evolving, Chris holds a space providing evolutionary support in private sessions for your personal growth and expansion.

Thru Relationship Fulfillment, Sacred Sound Healing, True Self-Recognition & Alignment, you will allow yourself to redefine your relationship with stress, release self-sabotaging emotional patterns and access your true, limitless, innate intelligence bringing you success, joy, love and a lust for life like you have never experienced.

Chris holds community Sound Healing Concerts and is also available for in house private home concerts. If you want to be on a mailing list for the community events please email Axis Evolving at the e-mail provided on this site.

With the gift of being a natural communicator Chris also works in Stroke Recovery, and Autism Behavioral Support. She is called the Autisms Whisperer, having worked with families impacted by autism for 15 years and of course being married to an Autistic adult. Chris has also worked with families/teens at risk, and is a presenter at national and international Autism conferences.

Chris is a published author and photographer, a documentary filmmaker, produced children's television for Nickelodeon, and acted as a liaison for indigenous people in creating the Decade Committee for Indigenous People at the United Nations in New York which developed into the UN PERMANENT FORUM FOR INDIGENOUS PEOPLES.

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