Frequently Asked Questions

How is BioTyping different from personal training?

A personal trainer does exercises to strengthen the muscles. I use the strengthening and interconnecting of the muscles to unite all the parts of the body/mind. I work with you to unlock blocks in the mind/body to let all aspects of your personality come together and to let the body serve you in every area of your life's endeavors.

What can I expect out of an introductory session? Three things. First, I will introduce you to the body you really have and show you how it is a reflection of how you saw yourself and you world as a child when you first discovered your body. Then I will show you where there are blocks between the easy powerful inter-connection of the muscles. And then I will help you to find disconnections between parts of your mind/body - between the head and the heart for example - and how the muscles can teach us to reconnect to parts of ourselves that have become separated through past experiences