Bio-Typing: Beyond Body Language

Bio-Typing: Beyond Body Language
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My wife and I co-authored a book with the working title ”Bio-Typing: Beyond Body Language”. I developed this character analysis system, which assesses one’s character through looking at a person’s body. . Based upon how a person walks, stands and breathes, I can predict very accurately how they see themselves and how they approach problems and other people, and how best to establish a rapport with them and what not to do. The system has been greatly refined over 56 years of applying it in my own life. And when others have become interested in it I have explained it to them and they immediate learned it and began to utilize it in their own lives and told me I should write it down in a book

In this book, I share with you how I learned to understand and to interact successfully with all the different types of people in my world, a way that can bring you the same successful outcomes it has brought me.

You do not need to talk to a person beforehand or find out information about him or her or to know how best to approach them. I like to say it works well, especially because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. With Bio-typing, you get to know almost immediately who is in front of you without having to ask his astrological sign or any of countless other personality-defining questions.

As you read this book, you will discover my understanding of not just one, but three distinct patterns to human movement or actually muscle recruitment patterns to be found in the execution of everyday actions that include walking, standing and breathing. These patterns are immediately apparent if you know where to look. Your own body perfectly falls into one of them. Bio-Typing is then about categorizing people into what I call the three Bio-Types. Each of the three Bio-Types have very distinctive movement patterns based on the Bio-Type's muscle recruitment pattern.

Each of the Bio-Types is grouped as such because of the similarities that all people of a given Bio-Type share in their ways of walking, standing and breathing. These groupings transcend gender, age, race and culture. Surprising, as it may seem, a short, squat individual and a tall, lanky one can both fit into the same Bio-Type. Whether stocky or slim, whether an elegant dresser or a football player, they can exhibit similar movement patterns and be grouped into the same Bio-Type. Perhaps more surprisingly, each person of a specific Bio-Type approaches and deals with other people in remarkably similar fashion. And in turn, any person of a specific Bio-Type can be effectively related to in specific ways with what you might call "rules of engagement". These really make a difference in the results that you can achieve in your interpersonal relations.

By recognizing that people think and act differently based on their Bio-Type, you can learn to set aside your own expectations and judgments. By applying Bio-Typing, you can immediately adapt your communication style to meet any situation skillfully, as it arises. Consequently, you will relate to more people with deeper understanding and continued enjoyment of the process.

Each Bio-Type likes information delivered to him in a certain way and is better suited physically and emotionally for some approaches rather than others. Although the issues you need to work out with a spouse, a colleague or a child may be emotionally charged; knowing how the other person's Bio-Type approaches and solves problems in every area of his life is an invaluable tool in getting your point across.